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What's Your Story?



Are you telling your story and creating a powerful connection or are you simply reciting a mission statement or tag-line devoid of emotion?


Despite all the talk about the importance of a compelling narrative, it remains to most an elusive part of their overall communications.  In some cases it doesn’t exist at all.   


Your story and the ability to communicate it in short, simple yet memorable language that speaks to the heart and then to the mind is what will determine whether you catch fire or fizzle.

Let's Tell It

Jon’s talent is often called upon to oversee long term campaigns as well as projects that are task specific.  Concentrating on:


​>   Editorial

​>   PR & Media

​>   Publications

​>   Email Marketing

​>   Fund-Raising

​>   Direct Mail

​>   Direct Influencer Appeals

>   Ghostwriting


Connect and WIN!
Making The Case



"Fagan has lots of experience with the media and honing a message to get to the voters."

                           Mayor Mark Boughton

"Jon's gift is his ability to get to the heart of the matter.  His work is deliberately short and simple yet packed with emotional power.  Jon also brings with him a unique understanding of the urban aspect of Fairfield County culture, having been born, raised and resided in Norwalk, Danbury and Bridgeport.  Jon's background has been the perfect fit to help achieve my goals as Vice Chairman of the Norwalk Historical Society."

                              Khalaf Jerry

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