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By now, you have heard the oft-used marketing phrase “Content is king”


While once considered an industry buzzword, it has never been more true.


Supporters and consumers are becoming more savvy, more demanding and more empowered everyday - requiring organizations to provide powerful content that engages, inspires and converts.


In the ever-moving digital world, content that supports an organization’s narrative has become the center of their marketing operation.


If the message or narrative is the framework than content is the heart of brand awareness, connecting, building trust and showcasing authority.


Trusting your content development to an external resource can be tough.


Jon Fagan has been in the business of creating powerful and quality content with emotional impact for over two decades - with a focus on digital since 2002.


Jon Fagan and his team have extensive knowledge in business, non-profit and political circles developing powerful content that supports the narrative, engages and inspires the audience, stimulates action and builds loyalty.



A News-Times article once described Jon and his former business partner’s success by saying,  “They have been blogging before blogging was cool.”

Content Creation

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